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January 2002



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Posted by Matt Gerrans on January 16, 2002 at 1:53 AM

> what's a turnkey system?

It is a system that is set up for one specific purpose and everything else is locked out. Sometimes, they don't even have keyboard or mouse access, but some other device instead (like touch screen). You may have seen such a setup at a museum, or as a ticket-purchase kiosk at a train station or airport, etc. Also, if you set up a customer tracking system for a dentist or hair stylist, you would set it up as turnkey; the people there would think of it as the customer management machine, not as a general purpose computer. When a company buys a turnkey system, they buy the whole solution -- softare and hardware ready to use; that is, they don't care what the PC configuration is, since it will be used for nothing else. All they care about is that it works for their purpose and they don't have to understand it (other than learning to use it).


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