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how to run the java program?

Posted by Krishna Surisetty on February 14, 2001 at 3:23 PM

> Hi

> You can follow the following steps to compile and run your java program.
> 1. Suppose c:\myjava is the directory where you store all your
> java files. So if you have a java program "" then its
> path should be c:\myjava\ .
> 2. Set the PATH ( I am saying PATH not the ClassPath ) environment
> variable to your "java home/bin" i.e. your PATH setting should
> look like PATH = %PATH%; c:\jdk1.3\bin;
> 3. On DOS prompt when you try to compile or run java program then change
> your directory to "C:\myjava" i.e. your C: prompt will look like
> C:\myjava>
> 4. First compile your .java file like
> C:\myjava>javac
> 5. To run it
> C:\myjava>java Hello
> If you follow above steps to compile and run java
> programs you don't need to set or pass ( using -cp switch ) any CLASSPATH while compiling your java programs.

> Thanx
> Kishori


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