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July 2000



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Posted by sanjay singh on July 19, 2000 at 11:18 AM

I want to know the explanation for a situation i am facing while running a small java
program . I am trying to run a small java program
using String and getting a result and I am not able to convice myself
Can you please take a little pain in answering my question . Let me write down my
java proggram . It is 15 line program . I am going to metion line
number in my question .

My java source Code :

1 public class test9 {

2 String s1 = null ;
3 String s2 = " ";

4 public void amethod()
5 {
6 if (s1.equals(s2))
7 System.out.println("equals");
8 }

9 public static void main(String args[])
10 {
11 test9 a = new test9();
12 a.amethod();

13 }
15 }

My question: Here is the situation For the above code
I am getting a NullPointerException as follow while running it.
C:\jdk1.2.1\bin>java test9
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at test9.amethod(
at test9.main(

But it does not throw NullPointerException when String S1 = " " is mentioned
at line# 2 and String S2 = null is mentioned at line# 3;

Why is it so ?
The second scenario should also give NullPointerException.
Does the left hand side of equals() method have to be initialized ?

for more detail reference ..I do not get NullPointerException
when I change my java program as follow .

Modified program : Which runs fine . does not throw NullPointerException why ?

public class test9 {

String s1 = " ";
String s2 = null;

public void amethod()

if (s1.equals(s2))


public static void main(String args[])
test9 a = new test9();


If my question is not clear Please send me a mail asking for detail.

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