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call subclass method from a superclass

Posted by Erik Buitenhuis on July 04, 2000 at 6:37 AM

From inside a superclass method I want to call another method that exists in that superclass, but is overridden by some of it's subclasses. see below:

class super {
void m1 (super s) {
// call method m2 of the (sub)class that s is an instance of
// the line below has invalid syntax but shows what I want:
// typecast s to s.getClass() and call the subclass's m2.
void m2 () { ... }

class sub1 {
void m2 () { ... }

class sub2 {
void m2 () { ... }

All this without the superclass having to know what actual subclasses do exist (so I don't want to "switch ((s.getClass())"
over possible subclasses).

Anybody know how to do this????


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