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July 2000



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Posted by Kishori Sharan on July 22, 2000 at 10:03 PM

What do you want to achieve declaring a varialbe as static within a method? You cannot do that. You can declare the memeber variable of a class as static not the local variable of a method as static. Whatever variables you define within a method are local to that method. They are created only when method is invoked and destroyed when that method returns. So , you can declare only class's member variables as static not local variable of a method. Here it doesn't matter whether your method is static or non-static.Some more differences between them follows.

class C1 {
// It is member variable and can be static or non-static
int memeber_variable1 ;
static int member_variable2 ;
public void myMethod ( ){
// They are local variable for this method, so they
// cannot be declared as static
int local_var1 = 122; // You must initialize your
// local variable to your method
// otherwise compiler will
//complain if you try to use the
// method's local variable later.
// However,class memeber
// variables are initialized
// by java ( all numerics to
// ( zero )
int local_var2 = 133 ;





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