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Access to private member of super-class

Posted by Andre Mahl on July 18, 2001 at 8:26 AM

I have coded two classes (in the same package):

public class A {
private int i;
// here are also getI and setI Methods implemented

public class B extends A {
void X() {
i = 42;

The line "i = 42;" results in an error message:
Error: variable i has private access in class A

I thought, when extending a class the child-class (B) gets the member i and the corresponding getI and setI Methods.
So, as i is now also a member of class B I should be able to access it inside class B anyway...

But this is not the fact. Why?

PS: I am of course able to access it via the getI and setI methods - but this seems to be programming around the corner - isn't it...


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