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July 2001



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Is Desktop module possible?

Posted by kelli on July 23, 2001 at 5:42 PM

I don't know a thing about Java, but I have been asked to find out if it is possible to write a java module that sits on the desktop (Mac clients, NT servers) and has the capability of opening direct links in different applications from across a LAN.

We are hoping to have a module created that would allow us to click a button and have Internet Explorer open to a group of HTML pages. Click another button to open a forms folder in Adobe Acrobat. A third button opens another folder in a third application, etc. We would also want to be able to "personalize" this module. One person may use forms all the time and needs to get there quick while another never uses a form, but needs an accounting program.

If this is possible, I also need to get an idea what type costs I am looking at. We are a company of 10, so are we looking at thousands or tens of thousands?

Thank you for any information you can share with me.


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