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Posted by Pavan Kumar Keely on July 09, 2001 at 1:23 AM

> I'm working on a project for class; of course it's a applet game call TicTacToe. Everything compiles Okey. Except when I run the program I get a
> access denied ( SocketPermission com
> x being the IP and port number of my computer.

> Both machines are just PC's one has windows 98 the other has windows 2000 pro.

> I am so frustrated help me please?!?

> j.w.

You can't establish a socket,from the applet, other than the server where it has come from. This may be the problem with your applet. Try generating the self certificate for your applet giving the socket permissions.

If not clear, please feel free to contact me
Pavan Kumar Keely

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