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July 2001



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JToolBar problem

Posted by Srikanth Kovuri on July 10, 2001 at 11:38 AM


I have written a java application. I am using a JToolBar component with JButtons in it. I am using all 16x16 icons for the button images in the toolbar. The application is running fine when i run it from the command prompt. Everything is comming fine, the gui the buttons in the toolbar etc., But when i run the application from another application (we have another frame similar to a desktop, where in all the components are arranged, the user can select any component), the gui is fine, but the toolbar is not coming properly. All the buttons in the toolbar are coming very big as if there are 32x32 images in the button. Because of this, most of the buttons in the toolbar are lost in the right side, and are not visible in the main screen. I can only see them if i put this toolbar in a scrollpane, but that was not a good solution. I guess some of the parents properties are being inherited into the application...

Can anyone please look into this, or have any idea why coming like this....

Thanks & Regards,
Srikanth Kovuri


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