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Questions about 'JEXEGEN'

Posted by Salil V Gangal on July 13, 2001 at 11:03 AM


I have created a .EXE file from my .class file using MicroSoft's jexegen utility.

I have questions about this ===>

  1. Is it possible to decompile the .EXE to get back the Java program ? (And if it is what is the tool to do that ?)
  2. Are there any files in addition to .EXE (such as library routines) in general to run the file generated by jexegen or is it a complete file in itself ?
  3. What are the free alternatives available to jexegen ?

I mentioned earlier in a post below that I had problem with addAll and removeAll methods of Vector with MicroSoft's SDK. I simply wrote little code-fragments to simulate the desired results.

//  Rather than using ===>  inputLines.removeAll(inputLines); <<===
// I used the following
for ( int i = 0; i < inputLines.size(); i++ ) {

Is there any other approach ?

Salil V Gangal


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