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PHP reply

Posted by none on October 09, 2000 at 6:39 PM

> > Also, there are studies showing that JSP response time is
> >significantly faster than ASP

> Could you provide a few references? All the independent tests I have seen (for example, read the one on PHP sites) ranks the technologies as follows:

> For 1000 clients:

> 1. Apache + NT
> a. PHP3 or PHP4 - always
> b. ASP2
> c. JSP1.2

> 2. IIS + NT
> a. PHP4
> b. ASP2

> 3. *NIX + APACHE
> a. PHP4
> b. PHP4
> c. PHP4!!

> Of course, nothing beats mod_perl that is compiled into Apache, thats blazing fast, as slim as web based dev language shoulf be (unlike the 'perfect' but humongously bloated Java!) and is so incredibly well supported that some of the times, people actually code for you (my experience).

> If PHP was supoprted by a big marketing giant like Sun, trust me, it would knock the socks right off Java. As techies, and not manager, we should see through all that f*cking hype, shouldnt we?

> My 0.02,
> Ben


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