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Solution to your doubt on array declaration

Posted by S Subbu Arunachalam on October 19, 2000 at 12:26 AM

> Dear Programmers
> I faced a small problem in compiling a small java program during my scjp preparation. I have declared an single dimentional array at class level and tried to allocate memory in the next statement using new operator. but it is giving compile time error, identifier expected. i could do same thing in a method without any errors. i could also declare it at class level and
> allocate memory in the constructor with out any problem
> code fragement:
> class ArrayDecl{
> int ints[];
Hi nanacharaiah,
I read your problem accidently when i was searching for scjp preparation
The problem is quite simple. Because at class level you can only declare
variables or assign a value while declaring. But you can't assign
a value in a seperate statement. You can assign a value to variable
inside a method or inside an constructor but you can't in class level.
That's all.


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