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Loading a page from Servlet in Applet-servlet scenario

Posted by Nitin Kulkarni on June 08, 2000 at 1:29 AM

Hello All

I am writing this mail after I have exhausted all my resources to solve the below problem. I would really appreciate any help from you.

I have an applet which is talking to a servlet. The applet has following piece of code


Then there is a method called
readServletResponse(servletConnection); which reads the response from the

If I comment out the the call to this method the communication does not take place So I have to call this method. Why is this? What if I do not want to get the response from the servlet

However my original problem is that after I send the data(userid and password) to the servlet the servlet authenticates the user and dynamically generates a new HTML page and writes it to the o/p stream. I was expecting the HTML page to be displayed. In normal circumstances the data is sent to the browser which knows how to parse this data.

But in my case this o/p stream is connected to the applet therefore the
applet receives this data and does not know what to do with it.

I cannot generate an HTML page on the servlet which I can load from the applet because anybody can bookmark the page and bypass the authenticaton process next time.

In short in applet-servlet scenario how do I load a new HTML page on the users browser?

Thanks a lot for your time



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