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Posted by James Thomas on April 20, 2001 at 7:52 PM

> I have worked with both technologies
> and i found working in Jsp is far more easy because it has only the presentation part and very less business logic which most importantly make it much easier to handle as all the computing can be done in servlets or classes .Working in ASP is little tedious as compare to JSP
> Moreever JSP is server independent we can work on it various platforms suppose tommorow we shift it to solaris or anyother work environment we dont have to make much changes.There can be few changes which are related to operating systems.
> ASP is microsoft technology and bind with IIS
> JSP is independent and run freely on apache and other web servers

I have JSP running freely on my IIS server as well using Allaire Jrun. Also ASP can now run on ChilliSoft. I agree that the platform independance is nice, but the type of OS on servers your organization uses generally does not change so that might not be a factor. Pluss, you can extract business logic in ASP using DLL's with your script as well. I do like JSP however as you ahve the use of full fledge Java on the server and not a scripting language. Pure JSP runs about 30% faster then ASP but JDBC access may lag behine ASP.

  • Hi Tarun Kumar Goswami December 25, 2001 at 2:31 AM (0)

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