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June 2000



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Posted by xxx on August 22, 2001 at 2:17 AM

your knowledge of asp/jsp/php is poor by your reasoning.

if you think asp is good at all as an internet application,
describe to me how you do a reverse DNS lookup with ASP as this is an important feature on the net?
when you find the answer, i will give you another 20 questions demonstrating the lack of compatibility, scaling problems etc,etc,etc with ASP. it is considered a dumb programmers tool and is found wanting. Ask microsoft why they had to convert hotmail back to unix after attempting to use it with microsoft products such as ASP. The answer is it can't hack much in a high transaction envvironment thus demonstrating your lack of internet experience at a higher level.
jsp is also very average and slow.
java is good for back end work but very poor for the front end.
php has the power and speed as mentioned but has the distinct advantage of being specifically built for the net thus having excellent intenet functions available to it.
It also sorts out the hack programmers who are too dumb to work effectively in a more tertiary orientated environment.

don't tell people stuff you demonstrate to know very little about.


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