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nothl and htonl

Posted by Sugnesh Patel on August 26, 2001 at 7:31 AM

There is no such function in java and if you try to read first into byte array and then try to interpret as int like following code

long lntohl = 0;

lntohl = byteA[0] << 24;
lntohl += byteA[0] << 16;
lntohl += byteA[0] << 8;
lntohl += byteA[0]24;

if you do this and any of the above byte has value 0XF*, then it is going to crap out.

use this code if you want four byte into byte array as well as in long

first mark position of buffer at 0 byte, then read four byte into array. after this call fun reser to set buffer pointer at 0 byte and use following code to get long value.

long lValue = << 24;

lValue += << 16;

lValue += << 8;

lValue += ;

This will give you exact answer.

But I do not like Java, because it is UGLY programming language, you can not do whatever you want unlike C++.


Sugnesh Patel


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