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June 2000



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Posted by Joel Teply on October 18, 2001 at 1:09 AM

In my opinion the C/C++ like style of PHP was too easy to pick up. I started development before I learned the language. ASP does give you a choice, but I still believe that the PHP language is far more advanced than any of the ASP choices. PHP has many similarities to Perl so any Perl enthusiast would like it. Try placing Perl code into a PHP script and it will most likely compile. It is more modern than most of the ASP languages and has advanced concepts such as inheritance that are quite useful. I am not sure if any ASP language does. Also, ASP usually runs on IIS making it that much worse. (All recent Viruses, Bulkiness, Microsoft etc.) Several libraries are available for free in PHP unlike ASP. Plus, more advanced concepts such as dynamic SWF generation are not available in other languages as far as I know. ( Most importantly, you have to respect it for being well documented and open source.


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