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June 2000



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Posted by Joel Teply on October 18, 2001 at 1:36 AM

The tag based syntax made it a joke. It is not a very good way of writing and organizing code. Plus this can confuse people as to what runs on the server and what is sent to the browser. Also, PHP is an object oriented language. This is VERY important when writing large applications and large websites. It is just a modern approach to programming. In a software engineering class you learn why OOP is better for development. I have switched to a completely OOP structure and have been able to develop code in 30 minutes that would have taken hours. PHP is not owned by any rich company so it has not been given enough corporate support or advertising. (Take Linux with Apache for example) I suspect based on its growth rate that it will eventually become much more appreciated. As I mentioned earlier, PHP runs nicely on almost every platform unlike ColdFusion.

This site has a very fair comparison of PHP to Cold Fusion.

PHP vs ASP :

PHP vs CF:


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