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June 2000



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everything you have

Posted by Ahemed Shah on November 21, 2001 at 3:24 AM

> I develop software for a web based company using any language we can find. We have tried nearly every solution and have found that PHP is a far better solution than ASP, Cold Fusion (what a joke), PERL, and even JSP (which is quite good). With PHP, development time is shortened and code is easily reusable. Because of PHP's strong object support and C style of programming, sophisticated applications can easily be created that use more advanced programming concepts such as inheritance and object serialization. Coming from a Java and C++ school, made the transition easy. The open source aspect of PHP has made it so that nearly any application can be produced because almost every function, object, or library has already been created for you. Images, Pdf files, Flash files can all be created on the fly from PHP code. We have done all of these and have succeeded in producing very good applications. All for free. By using PHP, we have greatly reduced the cost to ourselves and our clients. A less expensive piece of software that runs better has proven to be enough for a client to accept PHP. The database support is quite good, although I have some complaints about the interface. I have stored complicated PHP objects, images, and Flash files directly into the database. For instance, a complicated shopping cart object could be stored into the database and retrieved on login. Its entire structure would remain intact.

> It is too bad that people believe that a product (ASP) that is mostly programmed in a language similar to Quick Basic is a better solution. That must be I.T. boot camp brain washing.


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