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Posted by Raviraja on January 25, 2002 at 8:34 AM

> > Please make the advantages / disadvantages of JSP over ASP

> The major advantage of JSP its platform independent feature, while ASP is tied in to Microsoft technology. You need to have IIS server in order to run it. Also, there are studies showing that JSP response time is significantly faster than ASP especially when the number of user requests is increasing. However, one major advantage of using ASP is it simplicity. ASP script is based on VB Script, which makes it so much easier to learn than writing Java coding.

In JSP, When the request is sent first to the server, a copy (or an instance of the jsp page in the form of servlet)will be maintained and for the next request is made , it will be processed instantly.

But in ASP, Every request will be processed by the server itself.

ASP supports vbscript and javascript.

But JSP supports only Javascript and (off course java)


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