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Use MouseListener class from AWT Event package

Posted by Ivan Porty on June 24, 2000 at 11:09 AM

> In HTML, you can use the ALT attribute on the IMG tag to display
> text over top of an image when the mouse moves over the image
> (without clicking on it). I'd like to create the same effect
> but in a java applet. Is this possible? When the mouse moves
> over top of an image, I'd like a small display to come up with
> a few words of text, and then it to disappear after the mouse
> is moved off of it. How can I do this in a java applet? Thanks!


You must use MouseListener interface for java.awt.event package.
When you implement this interface in your class, you'll see
two methods: mouseEntered(MouseEvent) and mouseExited(MouseEvent)
first is called when mouse cursor is over your component, second- when cursor leaves your component.
don't forget to add listener to image component(canvas, panel), like imageCmp.addMouseListener(yourListener).



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