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June 2000



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Java and XML

Posted by Sri on June 26, 2000 at 9:22 AM

Hi Mel, XML can be used in Java applications in many ways, depending
on what kind of application you develop you can make use of XML with
java. For example if your developing a B2B application you can use
XML to exchange data between applications. In a web environment if say
your using servlets then you can receive data to the servlet in XML format
and the servlet can use XSLT to generate content specific to a targeting
user agent(browser). Hence there are various ways you can use XML and

> Can someone please explain how java and xml interact with each other.
> I see XML/DTD as documents containing various information, but how can
> that information be retrieved and put on a website? Are java servlets
> behind the scenes taking information from these documents and displaying
> them in html format for clientside? Im a bit confused.

> Thanks.

> mel


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