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June 2001



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Vector methods & Microsoft SDK

Posted by Brian Josserand on July 02, 2001 at 12:48 PM

I ran into the same thing awhile back. Since, the Microsoft SDK
only goes up to 1.1 support, when using any class that already
exist at 1.1, you can't use 1.2/1.3 methods. In your case you can use removeAllElements instead. As for addAdd, you may need to iterate and add yourself. Also, for class that are new (beyond JDK 1.1), you can provide your own version in a CAB, ZIP, etc.
- Brian

> Friends,

> Oooops ... I forgot to mention ....

> My program with methods removeAll and addAll for Vector object compiles and runs fine using Sun's JDK. But it does not compile when I use Microsoft's SDK.


Salil V Gangal


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