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showing download status in separate Thread ?

Posted by raju on May 01, 2000 at 12:57 PM

I'm developing one application, in which when I start downloading
the information, I want to show its status to user to indicate the
amount of downloading finished. But I'm facing the problem.

Here is what I had done :-
Before I start downloading I starts the thread which is Frame
and in that I'm displaying JLabel which should update status of
downloading.I will update this JLabel in the loop as the one after
one productsInformation is downloaded.
After thread has been started, I will start downloading proudctsInfo
in my main thread. But strange thing is that my spawned thread,
doesn't update the status of downloading. In fact, it doesn't get
repainted until all downloading is finished. Once it is finished, it
displays the Frame that was spawned from the main Application.

Can anybody please guide me in ths ?
Any code sample will be most appericated .



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