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Re:Connection reset by peer: JVM_recv...

Posted by Harish Vajha on February 26, 2001 at 12:43 AM

This is nothing but a "disconnect" of the connection from the client side(the other side). Ideally, it shouldn't get printed out, but one of the classes does. To give an example, if you have a WebServer and a browser and if the webserver is a pure java one, whenever the client is moves onto another site, such an exception will come up on the Web server


> Hi all
> I am receiving this error umpteenth number of times in a day but the
> program does its functionality without any hitch.I am totally baffled by it.
> If u all find any soln to it ,please mail to me

> > hello Zepheniea,
> > We are sailing in the same boat.we too are facing the
> > same problem.
> > Please let us know the solution if u got any.
> > Thanking you in advance,
> > regards,
> > bharani.

> > > Hello all:
> > > My program throws a SQLException when it is accessing database.
> > > The exception caused by the connection reset. I am confused that this error occured after my program has accessed the database many times and the database wasn't crashed.
> > > What's the reason? why the connection reset?
> > > The error message :
> > > Connection reset by peer: socket write error
> > > ...
> > > Message: Connection reset by peer: JVM_recv in socket input stream read
> > > Thanks very much


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