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Apache -> Tomcat Speed issues AJP13 vs AJP12

Posted by Phil Baddock on June 05, 2001 at 6:28 PM

Also - re: the speed problems mentioned in my "Connection Reset by Peer" post - we discovered why the Apache -> Tomcat comms were slow - here is a summary:

* ajp13 - there seems to be some problem with ajp13 implemetation of tomcat 3.2.1 and mod_jk (version??) that causes network problems for the Java applets (page welder and bundle association). Symptoms were applet getting "stuck" ie not able to perform normal functions - ajp12 does not appear to have this problem.

* for the internet we still use ajp13. however there's a big speed prob. with the version of mod_jk that:
1. it's log file writing routing is slow
2. the defaul log level of "warn" does not exist and as such drops it to "debug" mode and this write heaps of message and as a result of 1. it degardes the performance. Remember to change the JkLogLevel to "error" or "emerg" to avoid this problem

This will massively (I'm talking MASSIVE) improve speed of comms between Tomcat and Apache using ajp13.


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