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Posted by Steve Sparkes on August 07, 2001 at 10:26 PM

> We are running Tomcat v3.1.1 running a servlet which is serving local access to the dB environment for an applet running on client workstations (an imaging application). Very high network traffic goes with imaging...and we witness some hub collisions (although to be expected with such hi load....routinely loading images up to 300K in size. Anyway - during the heaviest network load - we witness "Connection reset by peer" on the Java console of tomcat.

> We have tried at times of absolutely no network load and the problem intermittently persists....we upgraded to Tomcat v3.3.1 to prevent another problem happening (AWT.DLL page fault) with some mention of hres= in one of the errors...almost like a java prob - but the developer suggests network (obviously!!)....anyway these IEXPLORE.EXE errors when images are loading is completely intermittent - however seems to synch in occurrence with the "Connection Reset by peer"

> If anyone has any ideas about this connection message - pls email me (I too am desperate for an answer). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good applet environment diagnosis tools (is there such a beast?) to try and perhaps synch diagnosis of network related load issues and java issues (the mention on JDBC & JVMs in previous posts seems almost too much of a co-incidence....). I'm surfing heaps of resources on this one so may not get back to this any reply (or cc emails) would be appreciated (cc

> We have observed this prob running Win2K and Win98 on IE 4.0, Netscape (although slightly different symptoms on Netscape - equally unsuccessful). IE 5.5 upgrade did nothing.....tried locally attaching PC's to network hub - applet crashing and connection reset by peer continues....

> We are running one linux server with tomcat only and another with a separate apache instance on another box. Interestingly - if you load applet in test env (tomcat only) it seems more reliable than apache to tomcat version....funnily however (or strangely more to the point) when you then point back at prod - suddenly its reliable and prob goes away....hmmmm This seems reproducable ie machine unstable and not loading stable applet....pointed at test - works OK - point back at all work OK for hours reliably??? - Huhg?

> So anyway - thats enough rambling.....perplexing as this is - I still don't know WHATS CAUSING THIS CONNECTION RESET BY PEER!!! - AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

> Any help would be appreciated.

> Desperate and data-less.....
> Phil
> Melbourne, Australia

> > We have also seen this anomoly. We have a production group using IE 4.72.3612.1713 using apache 1.3.12 / jserv 1.1.2. We have yet to resolve the issue. Is this simply a "connection reset" or is it more invasive? My understanding is that java is handling the condition without problem? What I don't understand is what is causing the anomoly? Any thoughts or insight will be appreciated!


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