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May 2000



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almost correct

Posted by J.T. Wenting on May 30, 2000 at 3:25 AM

the first part of the URL (the www in is known as the "machine name", the last part (e.g. is the domain name.
The machine name can indeed be linked to a different ip address, but this is not required.
You need not register such names with a registrar, as long as you (or your ISP) run a DNS server which does the lookup for you.
The DNS lookup will go something like:
browser->isp->top-level domain->hosting provider->domain server->target machine (and the result is sent back).

Using "www" for the main entrance point is not required, but is convention (like using "ftp" for ftp servers or the use of port-numbers 80 for HTTP, 21 for FTP, etc.).


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