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November 2000



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Accessing Inner classes (from Thinking In Java)

Posted by Sridhar Visvanath on November 17, 2000 at 1:25 AM

I have the following lines taken from Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel ,Chapter 8 Interfaces and Inner Classes .

There Bruce says

"IF you want to make an object of the inner class anywhere except from within a non-static method of the outer class , you must specify the type of that object as OuterClassName.InnerClassName ".

that is to say ,

if you are accessing an Inner class "Inner" from a instance method of "Outer" then

Inner in = ...
will be enough

whereas if you are accessing from a class method / static method
of " Outer " / from any other classes then type should be
Outer.Inner in = ...

however , when I tried to access the inner class from static method of the enclosing "Outer" class by saying

Inner c = new Outer().new Inner();

It works fine

This is not to point out the fault , I wanna know whether it works fine in all compilers and environments

I did it on Windows environ , with Kawa IDE (the IDE does not matter however) on Jdk 1.2

Sridhar Visvanath


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