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November 2000



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Posted by Lu Ping on November 27, 2000 at 3:18 AM

> I know your problem. You are putting your class in a package like
> package ;

> class Test {

> }

> In this case your program will compile fine if you give a command
> javac
> However, it won't run when you give a command
> java Test
> You have to give a command
> java
> I mean you have to give a fully-qualified name of your class Test. And make sure that you have set the classpath correctly. If you have a directory strucure like
> C:\lu\ping\
> then you must include C:\ in your classpath variable in autoexec.bat if you are using windows95/98.

> Thanx
> Kishori

Thanks for your reply.As for the problem, I found another phenomenon.
I work in Win2000 Professional,Jbuilder4. the compile and run is under the cmd shell using jdk1.3 in Jbuilder4.
I add the classpath in the system environment variables of win2000, and this problem comes,include the examples of chapter2,3,4 which didn't use package. I tried to delete the variable, and then found it can work again for the examples before chapter 4.As for the examples about using package,it can't compile.
I think whether the problem comes from the classpath setting?
when no the variable, is a system classpath for jdk existing?
should I append my own path on it? and how?


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