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November 2000



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Some suggestions

Posted by KIshori Sharan on November 29, 2000 at 9:41 AM

I cannot figure out exactly what is going wrong in your machine but I can suggest you some alternatives.
1) Go to DOS prompt and change the directory to the directory which contains your file. Now say, javac and
java MZMZ . If this doesn't work then you may try supplying classpath at run time using -classpath option.

2) In my project we got the same problem in many machines. I some cases Java run time was using other version of java. So there may be version mismatch when you compile and run your program. Defying all logic we did the following and it worked.
a) In PATH we set the java_home\bin as the first directory.
b) I know its not needed, but we did set the classpath to java_home\lib\tools.jar
c) We searched for java.exe and renamed all except in java_home\bin

3) We also reinstalled jdk but it didn't help.
4) Keep trying these rubbish things if you love Java.


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