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November 2000



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Posted by sunitha on December 24, 2000 at 2:59 AM

what is filterinputstream &filteroutputstream?why do we need them?

explain the difference between repaint(),update(),paint() methods of Graphics class ...when to use each with examples

paint() method takes a Graphics class argument and we use the methods of the class without instantiating it,for eg,
void paint(Graphics g)
{ g.drawstring(msg,15,78);

how are we able to use the method drawstring() without creating an object of Graphics?

i tried to run aprogram to copy one file to another using :
1.FileInputStream & FileOutputstream
2.FileReader & FileWriter
i didnot close the streams but it ran successfully in1.
whereas didnot copy the file until i closed the Reader & Writer streams .Why is it so?


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