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Abstract Class VS Interface

Posted by Arunav Rath on March 03, 2001 at 2:02 AM

> (1) In the case of abstract class, you know the class hierarchy in advance.
> You can only create sub-classes to the abstract class. But you can not make
> any existing class (from other branch of the class tree) to implement the abstract
> class.

> (2) Where as in the case of Interface, you can make ANY class in the hierarchy
> to implement the interface. The interfaces are Java Way of providing
> the multiple inheritance feature. If a class implements multiple
> interfaces, then we are forcing the class to implement different behaviours
> defined in the interfaces.

> > Hi
> > What is the key difference between interface and abstratclass in practical.
> > Theoritically abstractclass is partially implemented class where as methods in an interface doesT contain method def.
> > My question is practically where can we use interface and where can we use abstract class.
> > if any one can explain with an example it would be great

> > thanx
> > Ramesh


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