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Programme Palindrome

Posted by ibrar on April 03, 2001 at 4:25 PM

I am having problems creating a stack and queue. The problem is as the following:

A Palindrome is a word which reads the same both backwords and fowards. One way to check whether a word is a palindrome is to take each letter of the word one at a time and to place them onto both a stack and a queue. The letters are then read back from these structures and, if all letters match, the word is a palindrome.e.g tot.

Three seperate classes are to be designed and developed.
The first class is to be called CharStack which will have the following public methods:

CharStack() - the constructor for the class which creates an empty stack.
void pushChar(char ch) - pushes the single chracter ch onto the stack.
char popChar() - pops the top character of the stack and returns it.
void destroyStack() - removes any remaining contents of the stack.
boolean isEmptyStack() - returns True if the stack is empty, otherwise False.

The second class is to be called CharQueue and will offer the following public methods:

CharQueue() - the constructor for the class which creates an empty queue.
void addChar(char ch) - adds the single chracter ch to the queue.
char popChar() - takes the head character of the queue and returns it.
void destroyQueue() - removes any remaining contents of the queue.
boolean isEmptyQueue() - returns True if the queue is empty, otherwise False.

The final class is to be a Java application which uses the above two classes. It should allow the user to type in a word (of an unknown length) and will use the above method of checking whether that word is a palindrome and will report the results to the user. The programme should exit when # is types in.

I will be greatful if you can solve my problem by writing this programme.

thank you for your time.


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