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design a java program to display a calculator

Posted by vipin kothiyal on July 28, 2001 at 11:31 AM

> > > Hi,
> > > I need your help urgently. I have 10 problems which are to be solved using JAVA.I need it to be solved by this Saturday(18/11/2000).Please be fast na dhelp me.Send the programs to questions are given last.
> > > Hope you are doing well.What else?Reply soon.Here I'm doing well.
> > >

> > > 1. Write a JAVA program to print the first 100 prime numbers.
> > > 2. Write a JAVA program to input 10 names and arrange them in ascending order.
> > > 3. Create a Math Package similar to that in JAVA from scratch. and use it in a JAVA program.
> > > 4. Write a JAVA program that starts 5 new threads and prints the details of the thread and threads executing on the machine.
> > > 5. Write a JAVA applet that simulates the windows standard calculator.
> > > 6. Write a JAVA program using AWT to design a menu to implement matrix operations and implement them.
> > > 7. Write a JAVA a program that simulates the bouncing ball.
> > > 8. Write a JAVA program to read a text file and change att instances of a character 'a' by 'e','e' by 'i','i' by 'o','o' by 'u' and 'u' by 'a'.
> > > 9. Write a JAVA program that implement simple mail server(SMTP).
> > > 10. Write a JAVA program to accept Student's name and address and store it in a database. Provide a search facility to access name given address and vice-versa. Use JDBC API.


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