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Visual Age is better than JBuilder

Posted by Manikantan on December 11, 2001 at 7:32 AM

So far in my projects I have used both Visual Age and JBuilder.
I find Visual Age much better than the other one because of following reasons.

1. VA compiles programs when they are saved.
2. At runtime u can make changes to the source code and the new code will be in effect immediately. There is no need to restart the application.
3. VA has effective repository maintainence like keeping track of versions and editions.
4. VA can be configured to connect to other SCM like Rational Clearcase.
5. VA is very useful for developing Web Applications because it has Websphere test environment.
6. VA has good wizards to add classes, methods and packages.
Methods can be renamed and there references also can be found.
7. Debugging in VA is very easy compared to JBuilder. It has a seperate window for debugger and it has a good UI to inspect all the objects.
8. The code can be changed during debugging and the new source will be in affect immediately. Even if the control passes over the break point, if we make a change in the code; the control starts from the method beginning again.

Finally, after working with VA, I find it tough to get accustomed to JBuilder.

> Does anyone know of any articles that compare or contrast Visual Age, Jbuilder or Visual Cafe'. I am also interested in anyones comments on which of these three that they prefer and why?

> Thanks,
> Wayne


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