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November 2000



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Posted by lucas on November 09, 2000 at 7:03 AM

Hi Kishori,
>I installed java1.0.2 on my machine especially to know the main culprit who overrides abstract methods in Graphics in JDK1.0.2 and I found the following.
> public java.lang.Object
> public abstract java.awt.Graphics
> public sun.awt.win32.Win32Graphics
Sorry, what is a culprit??
I think I was a little bit confusing in my last message.
Most of the time I use Ms J++6.0(I have some problems there as well), but sometimes i use the standard jdk.
I that case the classpath variable points to the jdk1.1.8\src what contains (i suppose )all the packages that I think jdk is provided with : java, sun, sunw
-java contains what i think is the core of java(applet, awt, io,net etc)
- sun, contains only , so sun package has only 1 class ??!!!
- sunw has and sunw.sunw.util.* with 2 unsignificant files ??!
- these are (of course ) source code packages, .java files..
except this files there is a jdk1.1.8\lib\ that contains class file packages, and there indeed there are many more classes than in ./src ...there is also sun.awt.win32.Win32Graphics.class but how does this help??
My other two problems are VJ++,IE5.0...,
This VJ++ is using his******** stupidly platform dependent packages on wich i'm not interested. But also uses the standard java package , the one that IE from 4.0 -->5.5 supports.
I don't know your oppinion about VJ++ but I am pleased with it's smart editor, good debugger....
The problem is that I have no ideea WHERE IS HE KEEPS IT'S source codes??? , all i found are some random string named zip files wich contains the and the java.....
I need this because i d'like to "include" in the VJ++ for example the Sdk2 packages(jdk1.3) or any other newer package...
The other thing is how do i convince IE5.0 to "include" the same jdk1.3 or other packages ....
If u have an answer to any of these quiestions, i would appreciate it very much :).
Thank you very much,


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