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November 2000



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why multiple inheritance ??

Posted by lucas on November 09, 2000 at 8:06 AM

> Any language which supports Multiple Inheritance, Polymorphism,
> encapsulation and other object oriented features comes under
> Object Oriented Languages.

> Microsoft Visual Basic comes under Object based languages, even
Visual Basic ?
> Java doesn't support multiple inheritance(don't say that it supports via interface - in Java u can bring the effect of multiple inheritance and not exactly the multiple inheritance).
C++ suports multiple inheritance big time but what is the gain ??
If u can give me one good example of multiple inheritance in nature , by nature understanding anything in this world witch has actions and states , i'll accept that java has this lack.
Until then i'll stay to the ideea that multiple inheritance has no real applicability in any programing language :) .
I repliyed to your message because i think a good subject.


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