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November 2000



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answer to ur question

Posted by Ramesh on November 10, 2000 at 2:20 AM

> hi..

> we have Query about the memory allocation for final Variables..
> when we write a code like this..

> final int a =10;
> byte b = a;
> As the rule of Variable casting we need here excplicit cast
> but this code complied successfully..and the value of b will be 10
> Why this is occuring and How?

> pls. anyone who knows the answer..explain us with variable memory alloction.

> ThankX
> Hema and Ruchi

ur final integer variable value is with in the range of byte(between 1 and 127).since it is a final variable it can not be there is no problem as there is no chance of changing the content of a final variable at runtime.thats way its a valid statement.
if u assign a = 128 it will give a compilation error


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