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November 2000



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Becuase of wrong escape sequence.see in detail

Posted by ketul(ruchi_ketu) on November 10, 2000 at 12:02 PM

Ruchi & Hema.

It�s very easy to understand why u get comment error.

All characters in java are Unicode characters composed of 2 bytes. ruchi comment also compile by compiler but run time it�s not considered. so when java compiler read backslash(\) then u get error because of improper use of backslash.

Let me tell u what is that. Backslash is a escape character. it indicates that �special� character is to be output. when a backslash is encountered in string of character. the next character is combined with the backslash. then it�s represents escape sequence. i think u know all sequence like \n,\r,\t,\�,\u0000 to \uFFFF all this.

In your case u had \u000a and \u000A . those are not valid escape sequence. if u have above any sequence then u don�t get hat problem even though u have backslash. i think that is y u get error like invalid escape sequence.

hema and ruchi if u understand without problem from my explanation then don�t forget to say thanks.

Best luck for your exam.


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