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November 2001



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HTML is Weird

Posted by Matt Gerrans on November 15, 2001 at 4:38 PM

I think it is because you spelled it "grey" instead of "gray" -- both spellings are okay, but apparently the html guys chose gray. Now, why it is (light) green, is beyond me...
Here is html's opinion on the subject:

Gray Text
Grey Text
Green Text

- mfg

> That's weird...i set Chin's text to be grey, not green. I know this is a Java forum, but can anyone explain why it's green? Here's the html:
> >
> > > hiran, remember the wasssuupppppppp budweiser ad? it's called "wasabi". green stuff. goes up your nose real fast ... fuh ~ the sentation :P
> >

> > I agree...the burning sensation up your nose if fun. It feels kinda like you took 2 packs of Vicks at once or something.
> >
> > > anyway i'm all the way here at the other end of the globe :P. i'd have to take a plane there. it's a crazy suggestion, but it doesn't mean i don't mean it. well, if everybody welcomed the suggestion, probably we can meet up at a JavaOne conference or something like that in the near future ^_^. i'm not sure whether i can attend the march one though.. i'm planning to go to CeBit in hanover (just a plan). and well, i'm also a poor university graduate just starting out fresh :P
> >

> > Possibly, I've never been to a JavaOne conference. By the way, how is Japanese green tea? Never tried it before.
> > Hiran
> Hiran


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