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November 2001



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Thnx Chin

Posted by Hiran on November 18, 2001 at 12:37 AM

> Hiran : i found out the cause. this is green while this is gray. most probably the browser read the first 3 characters of "color=grey" and thought it's actually green. the correct one should be "color=gray".

> Matt : yup u got that correct ;). i'm from malaysia. i think all westerners hate durians. can't understand why :P. it's such a nice fruit. hehehehheh it just have a "little" bit strong smell.
> hmm, i didn't know pearl milk tea is a fad over there too. my my, i really need to get myself out of this little "box" called malaysia and venture out, don't u think? UK or US.. UK or US.. UK or US... *_*

> > Hmm, I think Chin must actually be in Malasia. Durian is a Malasian food (it comes from a tree, but I don't know whether it is it considered a fruit or vegetable or legume or...?), with a very strong odor. An acquired taste to be sure. I don't think durian mochas will be supplanting pearl milk tea as the next big fad, though...

> > - mfg

Thnx it's my spelling of gray (or grey or whatever). Now does anyone know which version is the US and which version is the British/(most likely)Canadian? (I'm talking about the spelling of the color gray, or grey, or whatever). I should try Durian one day. Never heard of it. I generally like weird and exotic things and (come to think of it) I don't think there's any food substance I won't eat. Pearl milk tea? First I ever heard about that too. The big tea around here is most likely Tim Horton's regular tea (at least their coffee is big around here). If nobody has any idea what I'm talking about, come to Canada and you'll find out. Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee franchise (well...actually, it started as coffee and donuts and has expanded to muffins, croissants, bagels, tea, soup, sandwiches, chili, danishes and the like, etc.). It's actually quite good (though Krispy Kreme from the US is trying to steal the market - they might win on the donut front since Tim's donuts aren't the best, but they'll never win on the coffee front (Insert evil laugh here)). Anyway, Chin, my suggestion for travel is stay away from the US, or at least go somewhere else (like the rest of the world) first. The US is great on some fronts, but they're not known as the "melting pot" for nothing. Besides, over here in the west, we're usually clueless about world affiars unless it involves us in some remote way (demonstrated by my lack of knowledge about Durian and pearl milk tea - which actually I probably should've know since my family's from Sri Lanka - a former British colony).
By the way, I know this is a JAVA forum, but does anyone know how to change the background color of a part of text? (I want to have my name in blue on a red background, but only my name)


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