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November 2001



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Shades of Gray

Posted by Matt Gerrans on November 18, 2001 at 4:31 PM

Hiran, you must have missed the thread where expounded upon the difference between grey and gray. It seems that html prefers the spelling with 'a' and treats the other as a light green for some unknown reason (my original theory was that is was becuase the first three letters are the same as those in "green," but that doesn't seem to hold up, because when you use "green" you get a different shade of green than you get from "grey").

- mfg

> >
> > > thanks for the encouragement, matt ;)

> > > i'll for sure immerse myself completely in java for the whole next week. heck, i'll even order java for my daily tea/coffee session at coffee bean or starbucks every day :P

> > > is a great site, and it's one of my best sources for java knowledge ;) i'll check out javaranch.. tried the "quiz" thingy but again, my browser can't run applets.. hmm... i think i need to reinstall my ie..

> > > who's joining me for a cup of java later today? ;)
> >

> > What test are you guys talking about? And what about this buying vouchers? I'm a little [actually, quite a bit (actually, a heck of a lot)] confused (and I just realized that a heck of a lot confused makes absolutely no sense, but I don't care - partly cause as a programmer, I'm not supposed to focus on my English skills that much). Anyway, Matt, for a guy who started learning JAVA a few months ago, you sure know a heck of a lot!!!! I'm very impressed!!!! Chin, another good book to check out that could help is Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Java, 1st edition - particularly chapter 3, which talks all about "Controlling Program Flow" and includes unary operators, bitwise operators and just about every other operator you can find under the sun!!!! Bruce Eckel was kind enough (or bored enough, or had enough neccessity in terms of cashflow) to include a big, long program at the end of the chapter that demonstrates everything he talked about in the chapter. Anyway, I'd love to take this test - whatever it is. Execpt if it involves money, that puts a whole new spin on things (seeing as how I'm a starving (not really starving) university student). (I'm happy though, cause at least I've stayed away from Kraft Dinner - I absolutely abhor that stuff!) Anyway, let's see what else I can ramble on about...o i know, let's count the number of times I can say anyway. So far I'm at four occurences of anyway (wait, make that five) and counting. (As you can see I'm very bored. It's 12:37am in Toronto, and I have to get up for 8am to go to church tomorrow - or rather, later today, since it's Sunday already) Anyway (that's six) I'm just about done rambling...what the heck, why don't I just call it a nite and say I'm done rambling.
> > Hiran

> Does anyone know what's happening? This is the second time I replied to a post and set the font color of the text of the post I was replying to to grey, and it showed up green. Is it my browser? I don't think so, cause when Matt does that, it shows up grey.
> Hiran


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