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Please solve this error

Posted by Manish Sachdev on November 20, 2001 at 7:42 AM

> 1) What classpath i should set?

> both. set your classpath to pkg1 AND pkg2

> 2) Tell me the Package statements for both the classes

> package pkg1;

> public class SUPERCLASS {
> ...
> }

> package pkg2;

> import pkg1;

> public class SUBCLASS extends SUPERCLASS {
> ...
> }

> *or*
> package pkg2;

> public class SUBCLASS extends pkg1.SUPERCLASS {
> ...
> }

> 3) Also tell me the commands to run subclass being in pkg2

> ???
> i don't understand what u mean..

The OS which i use is Windows NT

My Directory structure is as follows


i added the following in the classpath


i compiled superclass in pack1 (package 1 direcotory) w/o errors

But when i compile subclass or (derived class) i
get the following errors :- Package pack1 not found in import.
import pack1.*;
^ Superclass root.superclass of class pack2.derived not found.
class derived extends root.superclass
2 errors

i compile this file being in directory pack2.

Source code for both the files r as follows :

package pack1;

public class superclass
protected int i=10;

public superclass(){}

public void display()
System.out.println("Superclass Display called !!! ");

Source code for DERIVED class is as follows

package pack2;

import pack1.*;

class derived extends root.superclass

public derived(){}

public static void main(String args[])
derived obj = new derived();


ClassPath which i have set is as follows



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