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November 2001



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Becuase they dependant on the s/w installed..

Posted by Ketan Malekar on November 27, 2001 at 11:40 PM

> What are some codes can run in the native machine and can not run from the Web Server?
> That is say:
> I can run these codes in the native machion,but put these classes in the Web Server,I can not run right?
> Please give me a case,thanks!

native methods r the methods dependant on the machine and not provided by JVM. these the machine specific API's. when u use any native api in ur program make sure it is available on the machine where u implement this. for expl. if u use a printer driver or a third party driver in ur application it will run fine (because it is installed on ur machine) but when u deploy ur application at server and if the drivers r not installed on that system, it generates the error. So make sure u have all the api's or third party drivers installed on ur web server. and re run the application (Please read the Licensing Details and Technical Details of the API's before implementation)

Hope this will work.
Ketan Malekar


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