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November 2001



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Re: Constructors

Posted by Brian Sanders on November 28, 2001 at 12:53 PM

From the Java Language Specification, section 8.8.3:

Unlike methods, a constructor cannot be abstract, static, final, native, strictfp, or synchronized. A constructor is not inherited, so there is no need to declare it final and an abstract constructor could never be implemented. A constructor is always invoked with respect to an object, so it makes no sense for a constructor to be static. There is no practical need for a constructor to be synchronized , because it would lock the object under construction, which is normally not made available to other threads until all constructors for the object have completed their work. The lack of native constructors is an arbitrary language design choice that makes it easy for an implementation of the Java virtual machine to verify that superclass constructors are always properly invoked during object creation.


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