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November 2001



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Think I found the problem

Posted by Bill Venenrs on November 07, 2001 at 9:05 PM

I think what happened is that when the disk filled up, people still made posts, but one of the things that failed as they made posts is that the counter couldn't get updated, so posts went in with duplicate numbers. There were two 29s, so when I replied to number 29, my response went into to slots. I've upped the count to 50, so the problem shouldn't happen again with new posts. Replies to old posts may still have the problem.

Sorry about that. The perl script I'm using for this forum is something I've been wanting to replace for a long time. I expect to finally get moved over to a servlets-based (I'll probably use Jive) solution in the next month or so.

> Matt informed me that something seems to have gone haywire with the forum. Yesterday I believe I ran out of disk space for about an hour when a log file got too big. That log file was ultimately automatically deleted, so there is plenty of space now. Anyway, I'll try a post or too...

> > with this forum.. notice the recurrence of several threads like Matt's "Efficiency" and "More random thoughts" where it shouldn't belong? plus Eduardo's "Maybe I'm still doing soemthing wrong here" and "I soved!!" and also some of Nam Hu's posts.

> > and the threads that I haven't viewed yet, is recorded as "viewed" (the link changed colour) even before I read it. pretty hard for me to keep track..


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