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November 2001



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Overloading with Inheritance

Posted by Anish on November 28, 2001 at 1:34 PM

Is it not possible to combine overloading with inheritance?
Take the following code from BruceEckel's Thinking in Java Edition 1, p263. He seems to suggest that overloading with inheritance is possible. I ran the following program and it seemed to work fine and called up the play() method in InstrumentX. Now I wanted to see if I could call up the play method in WindX instead. So I changed line 20 to " NoteX());" thus passing play() a NoteX instead of an int. But I keep getting an error. Whats wrong?

class NoteX {
public static final int
MIDDLE_C = 0, C_SHARP = 1, C_FLAT = 2;

class InstrumentX {
public void play(int noteX) {

class WindX extends InstrumentX {
public void play(NoteX n) {
System.out.println(" n)");

public class WindError {
public static void tune(InstrumentX i) {;
public static void main(String[] args) {
WindX flute = new WindX();


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