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Another LinkedList problem...

Posted by Eduardo on November 08, 2001 at 10:33 AM

There you go... I have 2 lists, one has the time and the other the events. I created a copy of both, as I had to sort the first one by ascendent order, using my LongComparator class, that converts to Long before using the Collections.sort.
Everything looks fine, but I don't get the results. I do have partial results, but it doesn't work, as you can see below. Does anybody have a clue about how to solve that?

Thanks, again!

PS: Let's see how many times this message will be replicated! LOL

******************> sorting the time LinkedList <****************************************
Collections.sort(TimeList, new LongComparator());
//********************> sorting the events LinkedList <**************************************
ListIterator g = EventList.listIterator();
ListIterator h = TimeList.listIterator();
while (h.hasNext() == true)
Index = Collections.binarySearch(TempTime,, new LongComparator());
if (Index>(-1))
else {System.out.println("Index = "+Index);}
}}catch( ClassCastException e){System.out.println("There is a casting error in the list");}
catch( NumberFormatException t){System.out.println("It's not the correct Number Format");}


GlobalList: ThermostatDay 10000
GlobalList: WindowMalfunction 15000
GlobalList: WaterOff 8000
GlobalList: FansOff 6000
GlobalList: LightOff 2000
GlobalList: FansOn 4000
GlobalList: WaterOn 3000
GlobalList: LightOn 1000
GlobalList: Restart 20000
GlobalList: Bell 9000
GlobalList: ThermostatNight 0
GlobalList: Bell 11000
GlobalList: Bell 13000
GlobalList: Bell 15000
GlobalList: Bell 17000
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -1
Index = -2
Index = -2
Index = -9
Sorted Lists: ThermostatDay 10000
Sorted Lists: WindowMalfunction 15000
Sorted Lists: WindowMalfunction 15000
Sorted Lists: Restart 20000
LinkedListPrinting: ThermostatDay 0
Setting thermostat day 0
LinkedListPrinting: WindowMalfunction 1000
LinkedListPrinting: WaterOff 2000


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