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November 2001



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Windows System Tray

Posted by Matt Gerrans on November 10, 2001 at 1:28 PM

There is an article on this very subject at You can search there.

By the way I wrote a little utility called TrayBien a long time ago (WIn95 days), that would allow you to add (and remove) icons to the tray (with all their associated actions, tool tips, etc.) by creating an ini file and calling TrayBien. This was to give a tray icon feature to programs that didn't already support it. It was delivered pre-installed on virtually all HP Pavilion PCs. A shortcut to all the JNI stuff would be to simply call such a program with Runtime.exec(). On the other hand the JNI approach is not too tough, especially when there's an article to show you execatly how to do it.

- mfg

> Hey Experts,

> Can Anybody tell me, how can I display the Java Application
> as System Tray Icon ( the one which sits at right corner on Windows
> Desktop just like Yahoo Messanger and other Applications.)

> I'm aware that I have to use JNI to make Windows System APIs.
> Can anybody please help me in this ? I never used Windows APIS.
> Not sure which Windows sdk APIs is needed to make this Happen.

> If anybody has tried, i will really appericiate the help.

> thanks,
> rajendra


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